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Titans 2023 NFL draft trade details

The Titans didn’t give up a ton at least

NFL Combine Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The terms of the trade between the Tennessee Titans and the Arizona Cardinals are out. The Cardinals sent the 33rd and 81st pick to the Titans for picks 41, 72, and 3rd round pick in 2024. In terms of capital given up to move up, this really isn’t a bad deal. It’s just the fact that the trade was for Will Levis.

Maybe it will work out. Maybe the reason Levis was so bad in 2022 was really because of all of the things around him. Maybe the culture of the Titans will help him be the best version of himself. I have zero faith that it will actually work out that way, but all we can do right now is hope.

I am glad that the Titans still have a 3rd round pick in this draft. They still need to add a playmaker on offense. Hopefully, there will be a good option for them when they are back on the clock at 81.