Ran Carthon passed day 1 on draft night despite the QB disapointment

While many Titans fans (myself included) are disappointed that the Titans didn't end up with CJ Stroud simply due to bad luck Ran Carthon made the most of a disappointing situation by getting the best player and offensive lineman on the board with Northwestern Tacker Peter Skoronski.

Peter Skoronski at best is an All pro guard or tackle that will make multiple pro bowls and maybe a Hall of Fame player.

Last time I felt good about taking an offensive lineman was when the Titans took Michael Roos in 2005 when everyone was on board and excited.

It seems like every time the Titans have taken an offensive lineman there's skepticism and/or controversy surrounding them even the successful ones like Lewan and Conklin but the Skoronski pick feels different.

Many are understandably upset that Stroud was taken by the Texans but Ran Carthon didn't panic he stayed patient and took the best player on the board and the best lineman in the draft.

Ran Carthon I think made the best out of a disappointing night and I think Skoronski barring injuries and/or off field issues is going to be one of the Titans better 1st round selections.

Ran Carthon still has a QB problem that isn't going away soon but at least for the first night of the draft he had a good draft night.