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2023 NFL Draft: TV schedule, start time, location and more

The 2023 NFL Draft is finally here!

NFL: APR 25 2019 NFL Draft Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

After what seems like six months since the season ended, the 2023 NFL Draft is finally here. This year’s draft will take place in Kansas City. While it won’t be as good as Nashville, there is no doubt they will put on a good show in KC. I really love that they move the draft around to different NFL cities. It always makes for a really cool visual.

The draft will start tonight a 7 PM Central time. The Carolina Panthers will be on the clock after Roger Goodell comes out and gets booed. They are expected to take Bryce Young. Things will get interesting from there once the Houston Texans are on the clock. Will they take a quarterback? We will find out soon enough.

The Tennessee Titans hold the 11th pick in the draft. There has been buzz that they have talked about moving up to #3. Will they? We will know that soon enough as well.

The Titans have plenty of needs in this draft. They need a franchise quarterback first and foremost. After that, they need multiple offensive linemen and receivers. If they do not spend at least the first two picks on offense I am going to be extremely disappointed.

You can watch the draft live on ESPN, ABC, and the NFL Network. There will be somebody on Twitter tipping picks. I like that, but not everyone does.

We, of course, will have wall to wall coverage of the draft. Terry Lambert will be here with you tonight to break down all of the action.

If you’re into betting, head over to DraftKings Sportsbook to place your bets.