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Mel Kiper Todd McShay dueling NFL mock draft

A tradition unlike any other, ESPN’s Todd McShay and Mel Kiper alternating picks in a mock draft!

2007 NFL Draft Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

What’s better than a mock draft by Mel Kiper or Todd McShay? The annual dueling mock draft where they team up to make every other pick. That dropped this morning. It’s as exciting as you expect.

We spent the day yesterday reading about how the Houston Texans won’t be taking a quarterback with the number two pick. That didn’t stop McShay from giving the Texans CJ Stroud when he was on the clock for the Texans. McShay also picked for the Indianapolis Colts at four and gave them Anthony Richardson. That could very well be the pick there.

Kiper made the pick for the Tennessee Titans at number eleven. He gave the Titans Will Levis with the pick. That made me want to vomit. The three picks after Levis were Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Broderick Jones, and Paris Johnson, Jr. They should take any of those three over Levis.

It was Kiper again with the Titans' second pick. This time he went with Darnell Washington, TE, Georgia. That is a pick I can get on board with. Watching Chig and Washington lineup on either end of the offensive line would be really fun!

McShay made the Titans' third round pick. He went with Cody Mauch iOL from North Dakota State. That dude is fun.

The thing I like most about this haul is that it is three picks on the offensive side of the ball. I really hope that is what the Titans do next week.