If Ran Carthon trades Derrick Henry this offseason he will burn all the bridges he built up with his hire

Derrick Henry is not getting younger in age and he may not be on the Titans much longer with that said it would be asinine to trade him this offseason.

Ran Carthon's hire brought new energy to the fanbase that was needed and he's been a breath of fresh air with his track record of good picks and his relaxed approach with the fans and the media but him trading Derrick Henry 2 months into his new job would burn all the bridges with the fanbase that he built.

Trading Henry has a good case but it would be asinine to be so this quick and if Ran Carthon trades Henry he may surpass Ruston Webster as the worst Titans GM of all time which Is almost impossible to do.

Ran Carthon might need to learn from past Titans GMs the 2 best Titans GM Jon Robinson and late Floyd Reese built competetive teams yet they ruined their legacies trading star players Robinson with AJ Brown and Reese with Steve McNair.

Ran Carthon trading Derrick Henry this quickly into his job would be a gravely mistake on his part and it will be his legacy with the fanbase especially if Tannehill is on the roster but not Henry next season.

If Ran Carthon and Mike Vrabel trade Henry this soon they both need to be fired.