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Jeffery Simmons unfollows Titans on Instagram

Safe to say long-term contract negotiations aren’t off to a good start between Jeffery Simmons and the Titans

Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons has unfollowed the Tennessee Titans on Instagram and took down a bunch of pictures of himself in a Titans uniform. This is what every athlete does these days when they are in contract negotiations with their team. It could mean that things are about to get ugly or it could mean absolutely nothing.

I would lean toward the side that says it doesn’t mean anything. Mike Vrabel and Ran Carthon know how valuable Simmons is - especially to the style of football that Vrabel wants to play. You have to be able to collapse the pocket from the middle in today’s NFL. Few players are better at doing that than Simmons.

My guess here is that Simmons stays away from stuff this spring, but that he agrees to a long-term deal before the start of training camp. There is zero chance Carthon wants to start his career as a GM by getting rid of one of the best interior pass rushers in the game.

So this will get a little bit of run because there isn’t a lot else going on right now. A to Z will make it their “big deal or no deal” segment (or whatever they call it) and yell about it for 10 minutes, but Big Jeff will be a Titan for the next 5+ years.