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Report: Ryan Tannehill and Bud Dupree likely to remain with Titans

Turron Davenport is hearing both Ryan Tannehill and Bud Dupree will be with the Tennessee Titans in 2023

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Chargers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

[UPDATE 3/6/2023] - Bud Dupree won’t be back in 2023. The Titans are expected to cut him.

Turron Davenport was on the radio this week and he said that he is hearing that both Ryan Tannehill and Bud Dupree will likely be back with the Tennessee Titans for the 2023 season. I am not surprised on Tannehill. Ran Carthon and Mike Vrabel are not going to want to be in a situation where they are tanking the season. Tannehill gives them the chance to be competitive if they can get better around him.

I am a little surprised on Dupree. He is due to be paid a ton of money and has not able to stay on the field. He also hasn’t been productive when he is on the field. I said on Twitter last year that one of my favorite things to do was watch him run behind the quarterback on every single play. He will no doubt be helped by the return of Harold Landry this season.

The Titans still need to find some ways to create cap space for 2023. If both of these guys are staying they are going to have to get creative.

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