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On Titans OC Tim Kelly’s “I didn’t think we were predictable” comments

This is not as big of a deal as people are making it out to be

Syndication: The Tennessean George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

New Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Tim Kelly talked to the media at the NFL combine earlier this week. He was asked if he thought the Titans' offense was too predictable last season. These were his comments:

There was much panic on Twitter after these comments were made, and look if you want to take them at face value I can understand why they would be a problem. HOWEVA, do we really think that Kelly thinks the offense wasn’t predictable last year? I can almost guarantee you that he knows that it was predictable, but he isn’t going to stand there in an interview and rip Todd Downing to shreds. What would be the point of that? Everyone knows the issues with the offense last year, including the decision maker, Mike Vrabel, who fired Downing. Kelly ripping Downing here wouldn’t benefit anyone.

You can hear more of my thoughts on this on the latest MCM Radio (listen here).

The other thing here is that Kelly mentioned personnel as an issue for last year’s offense. That was going to be a problem if everyone stayed healthy. It was a disaster with all of the injuries they suffered. Both things can be true. Downing was a bad OC who was hampered by all of the injuries the team suffered.

My advice here would be to wait and see how the offense looks with Kelly designing it and calling the plays. I completely understand the concerns, but Kelly was really good with the Houston Texans - and not just with Deshaun Watson under center. Let’s give him a chance before we go jumping in the Cumberland River.