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What are the Titans going to do at wide receiver?

Tennessee is in a really bad spot at receiver.

Syndication: The Tennessean George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Tennessee Titans' current wide receiver room consists of Treylon Burks, Kyle Philips, Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, and Racey McMath. I have not checked the other 31 rosters in the league, but I feel pretty confident saying that is the worst wide receiver room in the league. Don’t take that as a knock at Burks. He has a chance to be a really good player, but he has only played in 11 NFL games. Philips has a chance to be a productive player as well, but he has played even less than Burks. NWI is whatever. McMath made us excited last summer because we have to get excited about bad receivers because we trade away the good ones.

Now, the style of football the Titans play doesn’t lend itself to needing a ton of receivers, but you need to have some threat of being able to throw the ball to run the ball. If Burks gets hurt again and the Titans don’t add anyone at receiver, teams might not even need to put corners on the field against them.

This receiver free agent class was bad, but there were still guys they could have signed to help them. They chose not to do that. DJ Chark is still out there. He would be a good addition to this team, but they probably don’t have any interest in him because why have talent at that position?

The receiver group in the draft isn’t that great either. Jaxon Smith-Njigba is the best in the class. He has a chance to be really good. Some people say the “value” isn’t good at 11, but “value” doesn’t matter when you suck so bad at a spot. If he has a chance to be a #1 receiver, the Titans should take him without hesitation, but they probably won’t. They will take some guy on day three that we will talk ourselves into getting excited about but that will ultimately not be any good.

Some people want them to trade for DeAndre Hopkins, but we have been down the road of trading for old wide receivers. It never works out well. Sure, Hopkins isn’t Julio Jones or Robert Woods, but he is a receiver who will be 31 when the season starts. Guys fall off the cliff at that age - especially lately.

If you cannot tell, I am very down on what this team has done on offense. They are going to be good on defense. Good enough that they will probably win 7-9 games, have a chance to win the division/make the playoffs, but still not have a chance to draft a franchise quarterback and be a legit Super Bowl contender.

So to answer the question in the headline, I have absolutely no idea.