Ran Carthon honeymoon is over & he has no one to blame but himself

Ran Carthon was brought in to help re-sign star players, fix the roster, draft the franchise qb while it's early to judge him on roster moves lets just say he's made one of the worst first impressions in Tennessee Titans History.

When he was hired he brought new energy to the Titans and he brought goodwill to the fanbase that was need and somehow he's 2 months into the job and he's already alienated the fanbase with putting Derrick Henry on the trading block and the Kevin Byard pay cut saga.

Not even Ken Whisenhunt and Ruston Webster managed to lose the fanbase this quickly the closest to alienate the fanbase this quickly is Mike Mularkey but that was mainly was because no one wanted him and his other self inflicted moves.

Ran Carthon was brought in mainly to fix the issues Jon Robinson left behind particularly with re-signing first round picks and stars and somehow he's already worse than Jon Robinson.

Say what you want about Jon Robinson he never would've traded a star 2 months into his job Ran Carthon miscalculated big time because of the bad PR he and Vrabel (Vrabel mainly) with the unnecessary recent Byard and Henry saga and he's now under more than ever he may get fired sooner rather than later all because he made bold and bad moves too early into his job.

The Titans cap situation is a valid concern but Ran Carthon was brought in to fix that and to work with Vrabel and so far as of now he's failed misrebly because of a potentially deadly rookie mistake of potentially trading Byard and Henry and if Henry and Byard are gone in 2023 it will be Ran Carthon's legacy and he surpass Ruston Webster as the worst Titans GM in history all because of this.