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Tennessee Titans cutting Kevin Byard would be so, so dumb

Ran Carthon hasn’t made any bad moves as Titans GM yet. Releasing Kevin Byard would be a disaster on so many levels.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Tennessee Titans Andrew Nelles-USA TODAY Sports

So there is all of this stuff floating around out there about the Tennessee Titans asking All-Pro safety to take a pay cut. To be honest, I don’t really understand why they would even do that, but the report that they would release him if he doesn’t take that pay cut is insane to me. Byard is still playing at a high level and is everything you want in a team leader.

The Titans keep telling us this isn’t a blowup, but if they are willing to move on from Byard it is insulting to our intelligence to call it anything other than a blowup. But here’s the thing, even in a blowup you still need some good, veteran leaders around. If you look up good, veteran leader in the dictionary, you will see a picture of Byard.

The Titans are tight against the cap this year, but they have a ton of cap space in 2024. How about instead of releasing one of the best players on your roster, you look at reworking his contract to free up some money this year and pushing the big numbers into future years where you have a ton of cap space?

Hey, if you are really wanting to blow it up, how about you do something about Ryan Tannehill and his huge cap number because he’s the one that is holding you back from being elite? You can’t win a Super Bowl with an average(ish) quarterback. Let’s start there.