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Report: Tee Higgins could be traded if contract extension can’t be reached with Bengals

I’m in!

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Don Kleiman reported earlier today that Cincinnati Bengals WR Tee Higgins could be traded if he and the team cannot reach a contract extension. Does that sound familiar? The people in Cincinnati’s front office probably won’t make the same mistake Jon Robinson did with A.J. Brown, but if they do, the Tennessee Titans should certainly be on the phone.

While I doubt Higgins ends up being traded, let’s talk about what it would take for the Titans to potentially land the star wide receiver. The first thing would be the 11th overall pick. I’d be good with that one. If they wanted another pick, I would want that one to be a day 3 pick.

The Titans would then have to give Higgins the monster contract that he apparently wants. Tennessee is tight against the salary cap in 2023, but it really opens up after that. It would actually be pretty easy to fit a deal for Higgins because they could give him a big signing bonus so as to reduce the year one cap number.

As I said, I doubt Higgins is going anywhere because the Bengals are very much in their Super Bowl window, and it would be crazy to trade a young, stud receiver while the window is open....right?