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2023 NFL Draft: Chicago Bears confirm Justin Fields is their starting quarterback

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears confirmed today that they are shopping the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. They will move forward with Justin Fields as their starting quarterback. They will probably have the opportunity to move back a couple of times in the first round if they so desire.

There is a really good chance that a team in the AFC South ends up acquiring that pick from the Bears. The Houston Texans would be the favorite since they have the second pick overall. The Indianapolis Colts have the fourth pick. There is also a chance that the Bears trade with both the Texans and Colts in the first round. That’s the nightmare.

Of course, there is also a scenario where the Tennessee Titans trade up and get the first pick in order to draft their quarterback. Titans GM Ran Carthon said today that he has been focused on the Titans and not what the rest of the AFC South is doing. That’s probably true, but you know that he is paying attention to the buzz around what is happening at the top of the draft. Now, whether or not that will cause him to make a big move is yet to be determined.