Ryan Tannehill's Tainted Titans Legacy

5-10 Years from now as time passes history will be kinder to Ryan Tannehill's time with the Titans after all he did have a career comeback, won 2019 NFL Comeback Player of The Year, led the Titans to the 2019 AFC Championship, led the Titan's to 3 playoff appearance yet his legacy is he will be rightfully be remembered for the Cincinnati Bengals playoff loss and the costly interceptions and how he acted in the aftermath of it and it's truly sad it got to this point.

No one questioned the re-signing because he lived up to it at least the First 2 years he helped win the Titans the AFC South 2 years in a row and he led the Titans to the best playoff run since the Eddie George Steve McNair era and it was even a debate that he could surpass Steve McNair as the Titans best QB the AJ Brown and Ryan Tannehill combo was magical but all that was squandered in one game the Cincinnati Bengals 3 interception playoff performance and his behavior in the offseason.

The Fishing Instagram photos during a mini-camp was a lack of self awareness on his part it wouldn't be a big deal if we won the Super Bowl but it showed he was detached from the Titans fanbase and the Titans locker room even if his job was on the line he could've at least made an effort to show he would do everything to bounce back from it or at least own up to the playoff but he never really has in fact he seems to have gone out of his way to avoid bringing it up when he should know the media is always going to ask about it.

Ryan Tannehill showed his true colors during Malik Willis's draft I had no issue with him bringing up mental health but all that was squandered when he said it's not his job to mentor Malik Willis which became a national scandal while he's technically right he should've known how that would come out it was well known that the Titans we're and are still trying to replace him yet he still managed to say the wrong thing at the wrong time coming off the aftermath of the Titans darkest playoff loss in team history and he really hasn't taken any accountability for those comments instead when he's asked he seems to blame the media when it was him that said the comments.

It didn't help that Vrabel and Robinson went out of their way to defend Tannehill and Vrabel still does which ruined both Vrabel and Robinson's reputations and careers and Tannehill's actions ended up making Vrabel and Robinson look foolish even though Vrabel and Robinson have given Tannehill special treatment and really haven't held Tannehill accountable which helped cost Robinson his job and Vrabel still doesn't hold Tannehill accountable Tannehill still didn't show gratitude.

It also doesn't help Tannehill that even though he's done great things on the field he seems a little detached from the fanbase and teammates and he comes off as aloof and seems to lack self-awareness at the wrong time let me be clear Ryan Tannehill is not a bad person from the outside he seems like a nice guy and a good family man but even since he got here there's always been a disconnect from Tannehill and the fanbase and it got exposed during critical moments when we truly needed Tannehill to step up he failed miserably most notably the Cincinnati Bengals playoff there were warning signs of Tannehill's lack of leadership but the winning covered it up and it was exposed during the Cincinnati and that's when he went from beloved Titan to one of the most hated of all time.

It is truly sad Ryan Tannehill's legacy is permanently tainted and he's now one of the most hated Tennessee Titans of all time he should be remembered for having a career comeback and leading the Titans to an AFC Championship and won 2 AFC South Titles back to back for the first time in team history but none of that will be remembered Tannehill will always be remembered as the Titans QB who choked in the Cincinnati game and in the aftermath of it never really took accountability for the loss I think with time 5-10 years from now as long as he doesn't trash the fanbase or the organization (see AJ Brown) he will be remembered fondly and welcomed back to be by the Titans Ryan Tannehill should have potentially had a statue his number retired or been in the Titans Ring of Honor but sadly none of that will happen now because of the Cincinnati bengals 3 interception performance and his lack of leadership and accountability in the aftermath of the loss and that will always be Ryan Tannehill's legacy and unfortunately he has no one to blame but himself and it's best the Titans move on from him this offseason before Tannehill taints his legacy even more with time his legacy will be better and he will be more appreciated by the Titans fanbase but that won't happen until the team parts says ASAP with him and he learns to take accountability for the Titans playoff loss.