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Tennessee Titans 2023 salary cap room

Let’s reset the Titans salary cap situation after yesterday’s moves

Syndication: The Tennessean George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

In case you missed it yesterday, the Tennessee Titans made four roster moves - releasing Taylor Lewan, Robert Woods, Randy Bullock, and Zach Cunningham. Those moves cleared roughly $40 million in cap space and were all expected. They now have roughly $12.5 million in cap space for the 2023 season.

There are still some moves to be made. Lewan mentioned on Bussin with the Boys that Ben Jones could be cut as well. Jones has been such a good player for this team. He did suffer two concussions last year, so you have to wonder if he is contemplating retirement. The Titans would save just over $3.7 million if they were to cut him.

They also have a decision to make on Bud Dupree. He has a cap number of $20.2 million for 2023. Dupree has been hurt for the majority of his time here and not particularly effective when on the field. They would save $9.3 million if they cut him now and $15.75 if they cut him with a post-June 1st designation. I’m not sure which way they will go there, but it is hard to imagine they don’t move on.

Rhett Bryan brought up the possibility that the team could shop Derrick Henry yesterday morning on the Ramon, Will, and Kayla Show. A Henry trade, as hard as it would be to stomach as a fan, would save them just over $6 million against the cap. I don’t want to see that, but if 2023 is going to be a hard reset year for the Titans, it would make sense to get something for him.

Then, of course, there is the Ryan Tannehill decision. If they are punting 2023, they would be crazy not to be shopping him. He has value, and a team like the New York Jets might be willing to give up some picks to acquire him. There are still some QB dominos that have to fall around the league before that happens though. You still have Derek Carr out there as a free agent. There are also questions with guys like Daniel Jones, Geno Smith, and Lamar Jackson with their current teams. The most likely scenario is that Jones, Smith, and Jackson end up staying with their current teams. If the Jets think that Tannehill + picks is a better option than signing Carr, Ran Carthon should get that done. A trade would save the Titans $17.8 million against the cap.

So like I said, there is still a lot of work to be done. The good news is that all of this is a one-year issue. The Titans have $131 million in cap room for 2024 if they don’t make another move with the current roster. Carthon will really be able to go to work with that!