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Titans to install Matrix Helix Turf; Should we be worried about increased injuries?

The data on the Matrix Helix Turf seems positive

NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It was reported earlier this week that the Tennessee Titans will be ditching the natural grass surface for the Matrix Helix Turf. The stadium has had natural grass since it was built prior to the 1999 season. Most years there has been an issue with the grass in the stadium late in the season. They have done everything from re-sodding the field to painting the grass. None of that has gone particularly well.

That is what led to the decision to go with the turf. That announcement led to some concern because of the injury issues that have been associated with turf. Interestingly enough, it was injuries at Nissan Stadium that led the Titans to make the decision to switch to turf. From Jim Wyatt’s article on the switch:

Looking at statistics from the 2018-2021 NFL seasons, Nissan Stadium had higher lower extremity injuries than each of the monofilament synthetic turfs in the league.

It should also be noted that this type of turf has actually been better than natural grass on injuries according to a study back in 2017 posted at Football Outsiders.

The Titans are also infilling the turf with organic material according to Wyatt. That makes it respond more similarly to natural grass than other field turfs and also helps with the heat that comes from other field turfs.

It seems like the team really did their research here. This must have been a pretty big deal to them to make this switch when the stadium won’t be there in a couple of years.