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What happened between the Titans and Eric Bieniemy?

The Titans never received an opportunity to interview Eric Bieniemy for their offensive coordinator role

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans showed interest in Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy for the same role in Tennessee. Tennessee’s reported interest in Bieniemy first surfaced on January 15th. The Titans never interviewed Bieniemy before promoting Tim Kelly to OC. Bieniemy now appears set to become the next offensive coordinator of the Washington Commanders. So why didn’t the Titans wait for Bieniemy?

There are a few possible explanations. Bieniemy confirmed he did not interview for any OC openings prior to Super Bowl LVII. This essentially confirms Bieniemy declined Tennessee’s original request. Bieniemy stated he interviewed for the Indianapolis Colts’ head coaching gig. That was his lone pre-Super Bowl interview.

Bieniemy experienced a potential change of heart. He appears set to accept Ron Rivera’s offer to become Washington’s next offensive coordinator. Bieniemy will receive an opportunity to call plays under the defensive-minded Rivera, a responsibility he does not currently hold in Kansas City. Bieniemy would have received the same opportunity under Mike Vrabel, however.

We essentially know that Bieniemy rejected Tennessee’s original request. It’s also possible the Titans didn’t want to wait to check Bieniemy’s temperature post-Super Bowl. Bieniemy has routinely made his interest in becoming a head coach public knowledge. Perhaps he sees an opportunity in Washington as a potential interim option under Rivera, who’s undeniably entering 2023 on Washington’s hot seat. Vrabel isn’t on the hot seat.

The Titans also had interest in interviewing Chiefs quarterbacks coach Matt Nagy, who declined their request. Perhaps Nagy always knew Bieniemy was going to Washington. Nagy appears in line to become Bienemy’s replacement as the Chiefs’ next offensive coordinator.

It’s a little disappointing to see Bieniemy become the offensive coordinator in Washington when the Titans expressed interest. Vrabel claimed the Titans interviewed multiple OC candidates that were unknown to the public, but Bieniemy wasn’t one of them. What happened between the two parties is up for speculation. Whether the Titans or Bieniemy are culpable, Vrabel must move forward with Kelly.