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Jets reportedly have interest in Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill is reportedly an option in New York, but not at the top of the list

NFL: Tennessee Titans at New York Jets The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of the conversation this offseason amongst Tennessee Titans fans has featured the discussion if the Titans should roll with Ryan Tannehill at the quarterback position in 2023.

With a new general manager and a new offensive coordinator, it has been fair to wonder whether the Titans might move on from Tannehill. Recent indications have led many to believe the Titans will keep Tannehill, but there’s some new speculation that another team could have interest in the Titans signal-caller.

Connor Hughes, an NFL insider with SNYtv covering the New York Jets, indicated in a recent article that the Jets could be interested in Tannehill.

Hughes said the Jets are primarily targeting Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers (to the surprise of nobody), but the Jets have other options such as the recently-released Derek Carr, 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo, and Tannehill.

On Tannehill, Hughes notes that “there’s a feeling around the NFL that the Jets are much higher on him than some want to believe.”

Tannehill isn’t the first option, and it seems like multiple dominoes would have to fall, but it’s easy to see how those dominoes could fall.

Rodgers could remain in Green Bay or head to Las Vegas to join the Raiders, where he has been heavily linked. Carr has been linked to the Saints and there’s been some speculation the Colts could be interested as well as the Carolina Panthers. Garoppolo could be a nice fit with the Jets due to his familiarity with Robert Saleh, but there will likely be multiple teams interested in a veteran QB like Garoppolo.

I wouldn't consider it very likely that the Jets end up trying to make a deal for Tannehill, but you can see how easily the Jets could strike out with their other options and feel like Tannehill is their best bet.

If the Jets do come calling to ask about Tannehill, new GM Ran Carthon would be wise to at least listen.