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Derek Carr to be released today; Rapoport lists Titans as potential suitor


NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven’t been following the Derk Carr saga with the Las Vegas Raiders, let me catch you up. The Raiders are moving on from Carr. They would like to trade him, but he has a full no trade clause. He has told the team he will not accept a trade. He also has a clause that kicks in this afternoon that pays him $40 million guaranteed if he is on the roster. That means they are going to cut him. You are now caught up.

Ian Rapoport was talking about Carr’s situation yesterday on the NFL Network. He mentioned the Tennessee Titans as a team that could be interested. I don’t get that one. Why would they cut Ryan Tannehill and sign Carr? The only argument would be if you could get him significantly cheaper than Tannehill to help this year’s cap situation.

There was talk that the Raiders and New Orleans Saints had a deal in place for Carr. My guess would be that is where he ends up.