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Can the Titans score with the Dolphins on Monday Night Football?

Of course they can’t.

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Do you remember 59-0? If you have been a fan of this team since 2009 you remember the snowy day at Foxborough where Tom Brady threw six touchdown passes and the New England Patriots beat the Tennessee Titans 59-0. It was probably the low point of the Jeff Fisher era. It was after this week that Fisher donned a Peyton Manning jersey at an event because he “wanted to feel like a winner,” and then owner Bud Adams demanded that Fisher reinsert Vince Young as the starting quarterback.

Anyway, I bring all of that up because if the Titans can’t find a way to answer back to what the Miami Dolphins offense is going to do on Monday night, we could see a very similar game play out. The Titans' defense has held up pretty well this year, but on Monday they will be without Jeffery Simmons when facing the best offense in the league. The only hope is to pressure Tua Tungavailoa before he has the chance to get the ball out to his many weapons. Good luck doing that without Simmons.

The only way the Titans are going to stay in this game is to score points on pretty much every possession. That will be tough for a team that hasn’t scored over 30 points in a game in over a year. The temptation for the Titans staff here will be to try and control time of possession to keep the Dolphins’ offense on the sideline. That sounds good in theory, but it won’t work because they are still going to score. At some point, the Titans are going to have to be able to answer back.

There’s a reason the Titans are 13-point underdogs at DraftKings in this one. They haven’t shown the ability to score points in bunches. Can Will Levis get them there in his seventh NFL start?