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Titans vs. Seahawks open game thread

The one play Julio Jones made as a member of the Titans

Tennessee Titans v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

For the second straight year, we have a later December game for the Tennessee Titans with a bunch of players starting that weren’t starting when the season started. By my count on defense, the Titans are missing six guys who started for them on opening day due to either injury, trade, or being released. It is hard to win with that type of turnover.

It’s not as bad on offense, but they will be missing Will Levis who was the only reason to watch this team play for the last month. I salute those people who are going to Nissan Stadium today to watch this game. I can’t imagine there will be that many people to watch an eliminated team on a rainy Christmas Eve afternoon in Nashville.

This is the first game Mike Vrabel has ever coached when his team was out of contention. How will they respond? They haven’t quit on him to this point. Will he be able to keep them engaged for the next three games?

Use this thread to discuss the game.