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Houston Texans claim former Tennessee Titans DL Teair Tart off waivers

Tart will get his chance at a revenge game in two weeks.

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

In one of the weirder stories of the year, Teair Tart was cut by the Tennessee Titans last week. The move was officially made on Saturday when the Titans made their weekly pre-game roster moves. Tart had clearly been unhappy here all year. That became clear earlier in the season when it was obvious some people inside the building thought he should have come back sooner from an injury.

Last week Tart said on Twitter that he asked for his release, but there have been multiple people with sources inside the organization that say that wasn’t the case. That story was likely concocted by his agent in an attempt for him to save face.

Today Tart was claimed on waivers by the Houston Texans. He has to be thrilled with that landing spot because he will get his chance to face the Titans in two weeks. The move to Houston also gets Tart right back in the middle of the playoff face.

As George Plaster loves to say, that game will be “spicy.”