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Titans lose 19-16 to Texans in overtime in the worst called offensive game of all time

That was the worst coached game I’ve ever seen

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Austin Stanley of A to Z Sports said on Twitter today that Mike Vrabel has handcuffed Tim Kelly’s play calls. If that is the case, then Vrabel should be fired. That was the worst called game I’ve ever seen. They continuously called Derrick Henry runs up the middle for negative yardage. I understand the offensive line is bad, but when the run is getting stuffed over and over to keep calling it is insane.

The worst part about this game is that Will Levis got hurt on the Tennessee Titans last offensive play of the game. We won’t know the extent of the injury for a while, but it didn’t look good. If Levis is done for the year, there is really no reason to watch this team.

This has to be the worst offensive line in the history of football. I don’t understand how they could compile players that are collectively this bad. To make matters even worse, Peter Skoronski has looked really bad the last few weeks. He was the one bright spot on the line before that.

That product on the field today was completely unacceptable from an NFL team. We can keep blaming Jon Robinson for the rest of this season, but at some point people inside the building are going to have to come up with some answers to make things better.

What are your thoughts on what you saw today?