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Report: Mike Vrabel “home run” choice to succeed Bill Belichick for Patriots

Well this is interesting.

NFL: OCT 22 Bills at Patriots Photo by M. Anthony Nesmith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe wrote a story this weekend that said sources with the New England told him that Mike Vrabel is the Krafts’ “home run” choice to succeed Bill Belichick. The Patriots would have to trade for Vrabel if they wanted him for the 2024 season. It was widely reported back in 2022 that both Vrabel and then Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robison signed contract extensions. I haven’t been able to find the terms of Vrabel’s contract, but it’s pretty easy to assume it would have been for at least three years. That means the Patriots would have to trade for Vrabel.

Back in 2002, the Raiders traded Jon Gruden to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for two first round picks and two second round picks. While I’m not out on Vrabel as a head coach, I would take that deal in a heartbeat if I were Amy Adams Strunk. This team needs a rebuilt roster and getting all of those picks would be a really quick way to do that - especially considering the Patriots are currently 2-6 so that first round pick should end up being a pretty high pick.

The conversation surrounding Vrabel as the coach here has been heating up. There were some bad decisions in the loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers with the 3rd down run right before halftime and the run-run-run-pass sequence on the second to last possession of the game. That’s not enough to fire him, especially based on all of the good things he has done, but if the Patriots want to send a bunch of draft picks for him, I’d be inclined to listen.

Now, if he names Ryan Tannehill the starting quarterback on Tuesday....

What trade compensation would you demand if you were AAS for Vrabel?