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Is Mike Vrabel trying to force his way out in Tennessee

It could prove to be an interesting offseason for the Titans

Carolina Panthers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal wrote a story yesterday once again linking Mike Vrabel to the New England Patriots, but this time there were more details about Vrabel’s relationship with Tennessee Titans’ general manager Ran Carthon. Bedard says in the article that the NFL had a “heavy hand in owner Amy Adams Strunk hiring Carthon.” That is something that I hadn’t seen anywhere else. It’s because of the hiring of Carthon that Vrabel could be looking to force his way out of Tennessee according to Bedard.

There is a lot to unpack here. It is no secret that the relationship between Vrabel and Carthon isn’t a good one, but it does appear that Vrabel is the one who has most of the power in the partnership. It’s interesting that being given most of the control #allegedly isn’t enough for Vrabel.

The only way that Vrabel is getting to New England is if the Patriots and the Titans agree on a trade for the head coach. That would have to be negotiated between Robert Kraft and AAS. It was reported last weekend that she has not intention of doing that. Of course, that could change if the circumstances in the building change.

If Vrabel does end up getting traded to the Patriots, what does that mean for Carthon? I was told in no uncertain terms earlier today by a source that there is no way Carthon would be the one to hire the next coach. Does that mean AAS would move on from Carthon if she agrees to trade Vrabel? That would make for one crazy offseason.

You can hear more about this on the #Vrumors (h/t @FWordsPod for the name) latest Home Run Throwback podcast here.