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Mike Vrabel isn’t going to make staff changes in season

That actually makes sense this season

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Mike Vrabel gave a pretty lengthy answer yesterday when asked about making changes to his Tennessee Titans coaching staff:

It’s pretty crazy to think that Vrabel would make any changes to the Tennessee Titans coaching staff. Remember last year when Todd Downing was a terrible offensive coordinator and Tim Kelly was on the staff who we all knew Vrabel was going to make the next offensive coordinator and Vrabel didn’t fire Downing when he could have given Kelly some early reps for 2023? That’s a heck of a run-on sentence, but it’s all completely true. If Vrabel didn’t fire Downing in that scenario he’s never going to make an in-season change.

Add to that the fact that there really isn’t a coach to fire on this staff that would make a difference. Is Kelly perfect? No, but he’s doing the best he can with the players he has. Bill Walsh couldn’t draw up plays that would work with that group.

There are three groups on this team that are really performing poorly - the offensive line, the secondary, and the defensive line. He’s not firing defensive line coach Terrell Williams who he gave a promotion in the offseason and allowed to act as the head coach in a preseason game.

He’s not firing Jason Houghtaling who is in his first year as the offensive line coach and has terrible personnel to work with.

He’s not firing Chris Harris who coaches the defensive backs. He was a highly sought after coach this offseason around the league.

The bottom line here is that this is the group of coaches and players that are going to be here this season for better or worse. Asking or expecting Vrabel to make changes to his staff just doesn’t make sense.