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Titans opening odds: Tennessee opens as a 6.5-point underdog vs. Jaguars

I’m so dejected I cannot even make a Sparkly Kitties joke tonight.

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Times are tough around here. The Tennessee Titans opened as a 6.5-point underdog against the Jacksonville Jaguars over at DraftKings and I don’t have the heart to take a shot at the worst fanbase in the NFL. Honestly, I thought the number would be bigger. Before the season started I had this game circled as one that would be critical to the season. Now I view it as just another shot to pray this terrible offensive line doesn’t get Will Levis killed.

The only real question in the AFC South at this point is if the Jaguars can hold the Houston Texans off. The Texans have the best quarterback and coach in the division. I don’t want anything good for either of those teams so I don’t know how to feel about any of it at this point.

As for which side of this game to bet, you’d be crazy to place any actual U.S. currency on the Titans. They don’t particularly look like they want to be out there playing football. You’d be better off using that money to buy a lottery ticket at this point.