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Titans reacts results: Fan confidence on the rise after win over Bengals

The rollercoaster of confidence has returned.

Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

I have a request, be slow to change your confidence vote. Crazy, I know, but it gets pretty silly watching this graph just go up and down based on the results of the game the previous week. This team is probably going to end somewhere around .500. The graph will continue to look like this if you only vote based on wins and losses:

Take a step back and assess where you think this team is then wait a few weeks before you change your mind. The sample size is always small when it comes to the NFL. There are only 17 games a year, but changing your vote with a one-game sample back and forth is just silly.

No one will listen to what I just wrote, so my prediction is that if the Tennessee Titans win tomorrow next week’s confidence poll will be at about 75%. If they lose tomorrow it won’t go down to where it was after the loss to the Cleveland Browns, but it will drop to around 30%.

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