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Will Levis to start against the Steelers

Jeremy Fowler says that Will Levis will get his second start on Thursday Night Football.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

This should come as no surprise, but Jeremy Fowler is reporting that Will Levis will get his second start on Thursday Night Football against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It should be noted that Fowler notes that Ryan Tannehill is still not expected to be healthy enough to play on Thursday.

What happens when Tannehill is healthy enough to play? Time will tell, but the Tennessee Titans should not go back to Tannehill unless there is an injury to Levis. I talked about the reasons for that on today’s Home Run Throwback (listen here), but they are pretty simple:

  1. Levis just flat-out looked like the better QB yesterday. Tannehill threw 2 touchdowns in 6 starts. Levis threw 4 yesterday. Not only that, but Levis moved better in the pocket and added a vertical threat to the offense that hasn’t been there this year with Tannehill.
  2. This team isn’t winning anything this year with Tannehill. They need to find out what they have in Levis, and to do that, he needs to get as many starts as possible. Rookie quarterbacks go through ups and downs. They need to see a bad start from Levis to see how he is able to handle adversity.

Ran Carthon could just go ahead and trade Tannehill ahead of tomorrow’s NFL trade deadline to keep him from making another start with the team, but of course that would require a trade partner to emerge.