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Titans trade rumors: DeAndre Hopkins delays autograph signing

Things that make you go, hmmm...

NFL: London Games-Tennessee Titans Practice Peter van den Berg-USA TODAY Sports

[UPDATE 2:52 PM] - DeAndre Hopkins claims to have never hear of these people:

One name that would make a lot of sense for the Tennessee Titans to trade is DeAndre Hopkins. The veteran receiver has proven that he can still play. There should be a contending team out there that is interested in acquiring Nuk.

This might not mean anything, but a Middle Tennessee card store has delayed it’s scheduled signing until after the trade deadline (via Facebook):

Hopkins signed a two-year $26 million contract this summer. All of the $10.98 million in guaranteed money from the contract has already been paid to Hopkins. It’s an easy contract for a team to take on if they were to trade for Hopkins.

If the Titans were to trade Hopkins they would certainly miss his production. On the season he has 27 catches for 376 yards. The only reason those numbers aren’t better is because the offense hasn’t been very good.

Hopkins, a sure-fire Hall of Famer, has 880 catches for 11,674 yards and 71 touchdowns. That puts him 26th all-time in catches, 32nd all-time in receiving yards, and 47th all-time in touchdowns. He has been All-Pro three times and has been elected to five Pro Bowls.