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Seahawks vs. Giants Monday Night Football picks, odds, and predictions

There could be some points scored in this one.

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

This game could have some good entertainment value. You have two teams in the Seattle Seahawks and New York Giants that have some potential on offense and don’t have very good defenses. That’s a recipe for points to be scored - which is the only thing I care about in games where I have zero rooting interest. That’s why I picked the over 47.5 here.

I am glad that we only have one Monday night game tonight, unlike the last two weeks. That also means the “ManningCast” returns. I really enjoy listening to Peyton and Eli break down the game as it is happening. They also usually have some pretty cool guests. As an aside, as an Alabama and Titans fan, I used to hate Peyton Manning with all of my being. Outside of Ray Lewis, there wasn’t an athlete I hated more, but my feelings on him have really flipped since he left the Indianapolis Colts. He’s an entertaining guy.

I like the Giants to win this game. What is your favorite bet tonight? Use this thread to discuss that and the game.