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Some appreciation for Mason Kinsey

Kinsey quietly did a nice job for the Titans in yesterday’s win.

Tennessee Titans v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

[UPDATE] - Kinsey was waived on Monday. It’s a tough business. He will most likely be signed back to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

If you spend much time in the “Titans Twitter Streets” you know that Mason Kinsey is a hot-button issue. He has this group of fans who think the only reason he isn’t mentioned in the same breath as Cooper Kupp is because the Tennessee Titans haven’t given him the opportunity. Then there is the group who thinks he is terrible and shouldn’t even be kept around on the practice squad.

The truth, like most things these days, is somewhere in the middle. Kinsey probably isn’t good enough to ever make a real impact as a wide receiver. He gets open and catches the ball in the preseason, but that is mostly against guys that are doing other things besides playing football right now.

With all of that being said, he did a really nice job for this team returning punts yesterday. He gained 37 yards and three punt returns. One of those returns went for 21 yards. He also made good decisions on when to return the punt and when to call a fair catch. That might seem like a simple thing, but the Titans have had some trouble finding a guy that is good at that for quite some time now.

Kinsey is only back there right now because Kearis Jackson got hurt in a practice leading up to the game against the Cleveland Browns. Jackson was placed on IR so Kinsey will have at least a couple more games to try and convince the coaching staff they should stick with him even after Jackson is healthy.