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Predicting the rest of the Titans 2023 schedule

How will the rest of the season play out for the Titans?

Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans Photo by Vincent Mignott/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

There are a few different ways the rest of the Tennessee Titans season can play out. There is the scenario where they trade some key pieces before the October 31st NFL trade deadline and use the rest of the season to figure out what they have in some young guys before diving into a full rebuild in the offseason. The franchise building side of my brain wants them to do this. Trade Derrick Henry, Kevin Byard, Denico Autry, and anyone else who isn’t going to be a part of the next window for the Titans. (The fan side of my brain cannot process Henry and Byard playing for another team.)

There is another scenario where they figure some things out with what they have and end up being the somewhere around .500 team that I expected coming into the season. That team is in the mix for a division title assuming the Jacksonville Jaguars don’t run off with the AFC South. In this scenario, they end up with a pick somewhere between 16 and 26 in the draft and can’t get a quarterback.

My gut right now tells me they end up in a third scenario where they don’t do a big teardown in season but end up winning a few more games before ultimately being out of it in early December and giving Will Levis a few starts down the stretch to try and figure out if he is a guy they can build around.

Here is my prediction for the games for the rest of this season:

Week 8: vs. Atlanta Falcons - L

Week 9: @ Pittsburgh Steelers - L

Week 10: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - L

Week 11: @ Jacksonville Jaguars - L

Week 12: vs. Carolina Panthers - W

Week 13: vs. Indianapolis Colts - L

Week 14: @ Miami Dolphins - L

Week 15: vs. Houston Texans - W

Week 16: vs. Seattle Seahawks - L

Week 17: @ Houston Texans - L

Week 18: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - W

That would put the Titans with a record of 5-12. It probably wouldn’t get them a top 5 pick, but they would be in the mix to trade up into the top 5 if there is a quarterback they really like.

What is your prediction for the rest of the way?