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It’s time to find out what the Titans have in Will Levis

This team isn’t winning a Super Bowl. They need to get information for 2024 and beyond.

Tennessee Titans v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans find themselves at a crossroads for the 2023 season. They probably aren’t ready to admit that they aren’t a real contender inside St. Thomas Sports Park, but if they are able to be objective with what they are they will see that they aren’t going to win anything this season. That means it is time to start looking to the future. I said on last night’s Home Run Throwback (listen here) that they should be calling other teams on any player they don’t think will be able to help them in 2025. That list would include some guys that, as a fan, I would hate to see go like Derrick Henry and Kevin Byard.

It also means it is time to figure out what they have on this roster at quarterback behind Ryan Tannehill. We don’t know the extent of Tannehill’s injury yet, but even if he is ready to go when the Titans take on the Atlanta Falcons in week 8 the Titans should go in a different direction.

You already figured out from the title that I don’t think the direction they should go is Malik Willis. It’s probably not completely fair, but I am out on Willis at this point. While he has made some progress from where he was when he played last preseason, he still refuses to throw the ball until he sees something wide open. That doesn’t work in the NFL. He also doesn’t know how or when to escape the pocket when he decides to run.

The Titans traded up in the second round to draft Will Levis. While I have my doubts that he is the answer, they need to get as much information about him as they can heading into the offseason. Eleven games might not be enough to get a full evaluation of what he is, but it can give them some valuable data that they can use to make a more informed decision about the direction they need to go in the 2024 NFL Draft. They do have needs all over the field but filling those needs doesn’t matter if they don’t have a quarterback.

With all of that being said, my guess is they don’t go straight to Levis out of the bye. They will probably run Tannehill out there if he is healthy and Willis if he isn’t, but that is a mistake.

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