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Titans Reacts Week 6: Should a loss in London prompt a QB change?

Some thoughts to ponder.

Tennessee Titans v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

I already know where the confidence portion of this is going to go. The rollercoaster on the field correlates to the rollercoaster in confidence. That is certainly easy to understand. It is concerning that the Titans’ defense got pushed around like it did in Indianapolis. That is the first thing that has really shaken my confidence in what I thought this team was going to be.

The other question this week is: Should the Titans change quarterbacks if they lose to the Baltimore Ravens in London? I don’t think they will make a change because even at 2-4 they will still be in the mix to win the AFC South, and Ryan Tannehill is going to be the quarterback of this team as long as he is healthy and the team isn’t eliminated.

But the question isn’t will they make a change - it is should they make a change? I have an opinion on that, but I won’t share it until the results of the survey are in. Be sure and get your vote in!

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