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Titans vs. Colts: The one that got away

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

If you don’t already know, you should know that friend of the site Justin Graver is one of the best there is at breaking down Tennessee Titans film. This week he broke down the play where Ryan Tannehill targeted Nick Westbrook-Ikhine in the end zone but the play was broken up:

That play took place in the third quarter with the Titans trailing the Indianapolis Colts 17-16. If Tannehill hits that throw the Titans probably go for two to try to make it a 24-17 game. Who knows where it would have gone from there, but it no doubt would have changed the course of the game.

Now the Titans' defense still couldn’t stop the run so at the very least they would have had to get more points in the 4th quarter. Again, there is no way of knowing if they would have been able to do that or not. The blame for this game doesn’t all go on the shoulders of Tannehill but some of it does.