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A look at the Titans 2023 opponents

We know who the Titans will be playing next year

NFL: NOV 12 Colts at Titans

Now that the early games of the NFL week 18 have concluded we know who the Tennessee Titans will be playing in 2023. The Titans will obviously play every team in their division twice - once on the road and once at home. They play the entire AFC North and the entire NFC South. They will also play the second place team from the other two divisions in the AFC. They also get a random NFC team now that they play 17 games instead of 16.

Here are the Titans 2023 opponents:



So, in theory, the Titans get a break by playing a second place schedule instead of a first place schedule. That means they play the Dolphins and Chargers instead of the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs. Time will tell if that is actually a break or not. We thought before the season started this year that the entire AFC West was going to be good. It turned out that the Las Vegas Raiders and the Denver Broncos were pretty terrible.

We will know more about each of these teams on the schedule after free agency and the draft. Three of the four teams in the AFC South, including the Titans, will be picking in the top 11 of April’s NFL Draft.