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Titans-Jaguars outcome will have a big impact on the 2023 NFL Draft order

Another angle to consider.

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Look, I broke into the blogging ranks writing about the NFL Draft way back in 2015, so that event always holds a certain level of importance to me. Nobody is really thinking about the draft with the Titans and Jaguars set to play for a division title on Saturday night, but you should be.

The final week of the season always shifts the final draft order — frankly I’m not sure it gets talked about enough, but I get it with the final playoff seeding being set. On Saturday night in Jacksonville, everyone will be focused on who will advance to the AFC bracket. However, the loser gets a pretty nice consolation prize.

A win would send the Titans to the playoffs, and it would also sent them into the 20s range of the 2023 NFL Draft. Jacksonville, who currently holds the lead in the division, is slated to pick 20th overall heading into the matchup. The Titans, who would finish 7-10 with a loss on Saturday night, are currently sitting 11th in the draft order.

So while the Titans have the ultimate goal of capturing another divisional crown, a loss and a nine-spot jump in the draft order wouldn’t be so bad, would it? Especially considering all of the injuries Tennessee has sustained over the course of the season. With so many questions entering the offseason — a new GM, the potential end of the Tannehill era, a laundry list of offensive line issues — going +9 (at least) in the draft order would give the new man in charge some needed ammunition.

To be clear, ending Jacksonville’s season with Josh Dobbs under center on Saturday is what we’re all pulling for, but if that doesn’t happen, there is a silver lining. Check out the full draft order as things sit below.

2023 NFL Draft Order Entering Week 18 (Via Tankathon)

  1. Texans
  2. Bears
  3. Seahawks (Via Denver)
  4. Cardinals
  5. Colts
  6. Lions (Via LAR)
  7. Falcons
  8. Raiders
  9. Panthers
  10. Eagles (Via New Orleans)
  11. Titans
  12. Texans (Via Cleveland)
  13. Jets
  14. Commanders
  15. Steelers
  16. Packers
  17. Lions
  18. Dolphins (Forfeited)
  19. Seahawks
  20. Jaguars
  21. Buccaneers
  22. Patriots
  23. Giants
  24. Ravens
  25. Chargers
  26. Bengals
  27. Vikings
  28. Cowboys
  29. Broncos (Via San Francisco)
  30. Bills
  31. Chiefs
  32. Eagles