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Aaron Rodgers trade rumors: What will it take to acquire the Packers QB?

Yeah, no thanks.

Syndication: The Post-Crescent Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin / USA TODAY NETWORK

How do you know you are in quarterback purgatory? When your team gets mentioned every time a veteran quarterback is rumored to be hitting the market. That is where the Tennessee Titans have been the last two offseasons. Tom Brady is set to be a free agent. The Titans are on the list of teams that might go after him. The Las Vegas Raiders are going to trade Derek Carr. The Titans are on the list for the betting markets. Aaron Rodgers is going to be traded. Yep, the Titans are on the list.

Here’s the thing, none of those guys make sense for the Titans. The rumor is that the Packers are going to ask for two first-round picks for Rodgers. It would be crazy for the Titans to do that. At this point, how much of an upgrade is Rodgers from Ryan Tannehill? I’m not trying to say Rodgers isn’t better, but he isn’t so much better the Titans should give up two 1s to acquire him. Never mind the money that they would have to pay Rodgers when they don’t have any cap room.

If they did all that they wouldn’t have a first-round pick or any cap room to improve the offensive line. Rodgers would be hurt by week 3.

The Titans need a long-term plan at quarterback. If they are going to give up picks to get a quarterback, I would much rather them do that in the draft. That way at least the QB they acquired would be cheap and they would have money to add pieces around him in upcoming drafts and free agency.

So while it might be fun to talk about these different scenarios, the best thing the Titans can do for 2023 and beyond is to find a quarterback in the draft that can lift them out of purgatory.