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Patriots name Bill O’Brien offensive coordinator

One name from Mike Vrabel’s past is off the board

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter is reporting that the New England Patriots have hired Bill O’Brien to be their offensive coordinator. O’Brien was on the Patriots' staff in various roles, including offensive coordinator, from 2007-2012. The connection to the Tennessee Titans here is that Mike Vrabel was on O’Brien’s staff with the Houston Texans.

As an Alabama fan and a Titans fan, I am glad to see O’Brien heading to New England. His offense was pretty uninspiring during his time at Alabama. It was welcome news when it was announced he would not be returning there. I didn’t want him to end up as the OC here for the same reason. As far as we know, there was never any real interest from Vrabel here.

It has been pretty quiet on the news front for the Titans' OC position. Could that mean Vrabel wants to hire either Eric Bienemy or Matt Nagy and he is just waiting for the Kansas City Chiefs season to end? That is certainly a possibility. Time will tell.