Do's and Don'ts for New Titans GM Ran Carthon

Ran Carthon has been named GM of the Tennessee Titan's here is a list of Do's and Don's of what he should and shouldn't do as new GM.

Do: Do your full research on a player before you draft or sign him which includes injury history, criminal history, work ethic, the past few years. The Titans particularly have not done a good job the past couple years notably with Isaiah Wilson, Jadeveon Clowney, Rashad Weaver, Vic Beasley, Julio Jones, Caleb Farley, Dillon Radunz and Bud Dupree and it needs to improve.

Don't: Sign a big free agent name because of public pressure to get a big name player. Ran Carthon will be pressured to sign Tom Brady, Lamar Jackson or Derek Carr which would be a massive mistake because free agent quarterbacks usually never pan out they fool you the first year but it's a slow painful decline that takes a team years to recover see the Broncos, Bucs, and Rams.

Do: Take accountability as a leader when things because things are tough because Vrabel and Jon Robinson the past year failed at taking accountability when needed particularly after the Cincinnati loss, the Todd Downing arrest, and the late season collapse. It may make you look bad at your job even it may not be your own fault but being a leader means taking accountability when things go wrong.

Don't: Not appear at big time prospects pro days at team position need. Last year Vrabel and Robinson not showing up to Kenny Picketts or Malik Willis pro day was not a good lock and it looked like they were not serious about fixing the QB situation.

Do: Hold players and coaches to a high standard. Last year it seemed like certain players and coaches we're not held to the same standard. It was a bad PR look when Downing wasn't put on leave after his DUI don't be afraid to make that move even if it's a controversial legal issue and it may be costly. It's ok to hold Tannehill accountable for his poor play and sometimes poor attitude particularly after the Malik Willis "mentorship" comments Robinson and Vrabel did not seem to even hold much less reprimand Tannehill for that firestorm. Don't be afraid to Vrabel accountable because he failed at holding himself accountable the past couple years tell him to tone down his fights with the press, throwing only certain players under the bus, and refusing to make offense changes and if he doesn't don't be afraid to fire Vrabel if needed Carthon is technically Vrabel's boss. Don't be afraid to call anyone out when they are clearly in the wrong.

Don't: Extend Tannehill. This one should be easy but yet there are some that think it's a good idea to extend Tannehill which it isn't. Tannehill did lead the Titans to an AFC championship but if you look at his stats it was mainly on the back of Derrick Henry and the defense his last 2 playoff appearances have been a disaster and to make matters worse Tannehill hasn't held himself accountable, seems detached from the fanbase, and has regressed. Tannehill coming back would be ok as long as they have the solution at QB for the long term .

Do: Draft the franchise QB. This is arguably Ran Carthon's most important job. Not necessarily in the first round but teams who are dynasties or win multiple Super Bowl have one thing in common they've drafted their franchise QB it's statistically true. Carthon should understand this because the teams that he's been apart of have been to a super bowl or have been a contender because they drafted a quarterback plus he's from the house of Joe Montana who was drafted and he drafted Brock Purdy this year.

Don't: Under any circumstance do not let the Houston Texans and/or Indianapolis Colts get CJ Stroud and/or Bryce Young. It's a real possibility that could happen it's bad enough to face Trevor Lawrence twice but to potentially face all 3 would be a disaster. Carthon needs to do everything he can to prevent the Colts and Texans getting both quarterback best cast scenario is neither team gets them but that's unlikely. Don't be afraid to make a big trade for Stroud or Young because I believe they are the best QB prospects to come out in years.

Do: Fix the offensive line at all costs which was the biggest failure of the Jon Robinson era.

Don't: Miss on First and Second round picks every draft pick matters it's unrealistic to expect every pick to succeed but the First and Second round picks need to be pro bowlers or solid starters and no more excuses for missing on those picks. No more bad picks like Caleb Farley, Kevin Dodd, Austin Johnson, Dillon Radunz, Isaiah Wilson, Rashaan Evans etc.

Do: Find a way resign the successful early picks because many of Jon Robinson's first or second round picks are no longer on the Titans which is unacceptable for any one. It's not acceptable for Jack Conklin, Corey Davis, AJ Brown, Adoree Jackson, Rashaan Evans, to contribute and then be traded or let go that should no longer be acceptable to fans and the Titans organization.

Don't: Lose to the Jaguars, Texans, and Colts at all. That one is easy.

Do: Win the AFC South every year.

Don't: Accept anything less than 1st in the AFC South.

Do: Win the Titans the first Super Bowl in franchise history and prioritize Super Bowls among anything.