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Titans vs. Giants Preview: 5 questions with Big Blue View

Ed Valentine of Big Blue View gives us the low-down on the New York Giants before they face the Titans in Tennessee.

Tennessee Titans v New York Giants Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

Week 1 is finally here! The New York Giants come to Nissan Stadium to take on the Tennessee Titans this Sunday. DraftKings Sportsbook has the Giants as 5.5 point underdogs. Take note that this is a 3:25 central start with the game being broadcast on FOX. We only see the Titans on FOX a couple of times a year and they hardly ever get the late afternoon start.

With all of that being said, Ed Valentine of Big Blue View was nice enough to answer 5 questions about the Giants for us. Ed is one of the best writers we have at SB Nation. It was good to get the chance to talk with him. I answered five questions for him as well. You can find those here.

1. Is Daniel Jones the answer? What do the Giants have behind him if he struggles again?

— Well, whether Jones is/isn’t the answer, is really the biggest question that needs to be answered in 2022. Co-owner John Mara said during the off-season that the Giants did everything possible the last three years to screw the kid up, and that they still believe in him.

With Brian Daboll as head coach and Mike Kafka as offensive coordinator, Jones has a one-year window to answer that question. My belief is odds are against him being the guy beyond this year.

The backup QB is Tyrod Taylor, with Davis Webb as No. 3. That is light years ahead of Mike Glennon and Jake Fromm, the 2021 backups.

2. Saquan is a hot sleeper in fantasy circles. Is he healthy and ready to be a feature back?

— Saquon Barkley is absolutely healthy. He has been combative all summer in taking on his critics. He has looked better on the field than he has since before he suffered his first injury in 2019. If he is healthy, I think he is headed toward an excellent season.

3. The Giants gave Kenny Golladay a big free agent contract before 2021. He struggled last year. Was that a product of the overall offense or an issue with him as a player? What do you expect in 2022?

— There were a number of reasons for that. The offense was a mess, and they didn’t do a good job of using the personnel they did have. Golladay was rarely healthy. That said, he is NOT a dominant NO. 1 wide receiver. I expect more than 30+ catches and ZERO touchdowns from him this year, but not No. 1 wide receiver numbers.

4. What have you seen that you like so far from Brian Daboll? Any potential problems?

— I like what Daboll has done. But, if you asked me about Ben McAdoo in 2016, Pat Shurmur in 2018 or Judge Judge in 2020 I would have given you the same answer. Daboll has hired the best coaching staff the Giants have had since the Tom Coughlin era, and I think there is a chance he ends up being the right guy. That’s as far as I can go right now. Experience has been a harsh teacher.

5. Give us your prediction for this game and your overall prediction for the Giants in 2022

— Titans win. Giants put on a competitive, respectable performance and MAYBE even cover the 5.5-point spread. Overall, I think competitive and respectable is probably the expectation for the year. I have no delusions. I think it’s a step forward if this team hovers around the 7-win mark, and that’s where I would guess they will be.