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Heading into week 3 confidence in Titans was low

How much will these results improve this week?

At 0-2 it isn’t hard to understand why people weren’t more confident in this team. They looked bad in all three phases of the game against the Buffalo Bills. Bad actually might not be a strong enough word to describe what that game looked like.

I am a little bit surprised that only 39% of people on our survey thought the Titans would still win the AFC South last week. The Titans were only a game out and the team that was supposed to be their biggest competition, the Indianapolis Colts, was also winless.

What is not surprising is this poll:

There was nothing to support any confidence in this team at this time last week. Like I said at the time, even thinking the team could win the division didn’t really matter because they weren’t going to beat any playoff-caliber teams in January. Has that changed? Nope.

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