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Week 3 in the AFC South

All of a sudden the AFC South is good?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well just when it looked like the Tennessee Titans would climb into a virtual tie for first place with a win over the Las Vegas Raiders, the rest of the AFC South with the exception of the Houston Texans, of course, decided to pull off some pretty big upsets. Maybe it won’t be as easy as we once believed for the Titans to win the division.

The Jacksonville Jaguars went to Los Angeles and beat the Chargers 38-10. I would say that was the most surprising thing of all. Maybe the Jaguars are the team we should be keeping an eye on instead of the Colts.

But just when you thought the Colts were dead, they pulled off an upset of the Kansas City Chiefs. The fact that they held the Chiefs to just 17 points is probably the most surprising part of that game. At least the Colts' offense still isn’t good.

And then there are the Texans. They lost to the Bears 23-20. They are in the running to get the first overall pick, which I do not approve of.

You AFC South Standings after week 3:

Jaguars 2-1

Colts 1-1-1

Titans 1-2

Texans 0-2-1