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Mike Vrabel on Caleb Farley’s (lack of) playing time

Syndication: The Tennessean George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

Mike Vrabel was asked about the limited playing time for Caleb Farley at this press conference on Monday. His answer was interesting. It basically boiled down to them not wanting Roger McCreary playing inside on 1st and 2nd downs because there is so much responsibility in that position. They didn’t want to throw too much at McCreary too fast. They had Ugo Amadi in that role on Sunday.

That made me feel a little better because it sounded like eventually they will put McCreary in there on early downs and start Farley outside. That gives hope that they still view Farley as a potential starter.

One thing that I feel is getting lost in all of this is just how good McCreary is. We should be talking more about that and less about whether or not Farley is a bust. It would be good for our overall mental well-being.

Another good thing here is that the Tennessee Titans have a really good cornerback room - and that’s without Elijah Molden who played well in the nickel spot for this team at the end of last season.