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Field Yates and ESPN pushing false narrative on Treylon Burks

ESPN is undefeated at not doing research on the Tennessee Titans. Why would they bother to actually figure out what is going on down in here in lil’ ol’ Nashville? It isn’t like the Titans have won the AFC South the last two years.

Now there is a narrative floating around that Treylon Burks isn’t running with the first team in training camp. This time it comes from Field Yates, who is usually really good at his job. Burks got off to a rocky start, but he has been really good since training camp started. I guess it just takes time for news to get from the hills of Tennessee to might Bristol.

I am not one who usually gets all up in arms about the Titans not getting national media respect. I just haven’t ever cared about that, but it does make me mad when they push a narrative that they would know isn’t true if they did five minutes of research.