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Malik Willis made some drastic improvements in the preseason

Arizona Cardinals v Tennessee Titans Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

If you watched all 3 of the Tennessee Titans preseason games, you already know that Malik Willis got dramatically better from game one to game three. The Titans were determined to get him a lot of reps in the system. It clearly paid off.

There is one area where the development was very clear:

That’s pretty crazy.

I really enjoy listening to Willis in his pressers after games. He seems to really understand the places his game needs work and is clearly coachable. You pair that with the natural arm talent he has and his running ability, and you have the makings of a guy that could be a really special player.

Now his job is to be ready in case something happens to Ryan Tannehill, and then to be ready to push Tannehill for the job next offseason. If he continues to make strides over the next year like he has the last three weeks, that will be a legit competition.