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Ryan Tannehill Ranked as a ‘Tier 3’ quarterback, placed behind Jimmy Garoppolo

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Mike Sando of The Athletic just released his annual quarterback tiers piece. This marks the ninth consecutive year, making this piece particularly notable and consistent. Tennessee Titans starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill was ranked as Tier 3 quarterback, and checked in at No. 17 overall. Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Garoppolo rank ahead of Tannehill, coming in at 15 and 16 respectively.

The results reflect voting from 50 NFL coaches and executives, including six general managers, eight head coaches, 10 evaluators, 12 coordinators, six quarterback coaches and seven execs whose specialties include analytics, game management and the salary cap.

Here’s what one voter had to say.

“He is probably a 3, maybe a 3-plus,” a coach who overlapped with Tannehill in a previous season said. “My heart broke for him that he played so (poorly) in that playoff game. He was having such a good year, really two years. But I think that is what he is. Unfortunately, in a couple of times they’ve asked him to be the guy to win the games, he hasn’t been able to do it.”

Tannehill is coming off a down campaign, having finished the regular season with 21 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Tennessee’s passing offense ranked as a bottom-half unit in the league. Those numbers pale in comparison to the 2020 version of Tannehill that threw for 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions while leading the Titans to nearly 30 points per contest.

The impending 2022 campaign qualifies as a massive season for Tannehill, who may not be on the Titans roster in 2023 if his upcoming performances are similar to last season’s disappointing nature.

Ranking behind Garoppolo seems like a low-blow.