The Titan's 2022 Draft Class

After the crazy NFL Draft and the big trade that happened I needed some time to process what happened and give my thoughts. Let’s talk about the draft first and then further elaborate on the AJ Brown trade in a different post.

In the first round, the Titans traded AJ Brown to the Eagles in exchange for the 18th overall pick as well as a third round pick which ended up being the 90th pick. With the 18th pick the Titans selected receiver Treylon Burks out of Arkansas. I’ve heard news about Burks being one of the top receivers in this draft and his NFL comparison was ironically AJ Brown. It was nice to see the Titans address this position especially after trading AJ Brown but it seemed that it was obvious. I don’t know much about Burks but hopefully he can develop similarly to AJ Brown and become a great player for this team. My only concern is that he was the sixth receiver taken in the first round and it seemed that the Titans got desperate and leaped at the opportunity to fill a void. I’m not knocking Burks and I’m hoping like crazy he can become great but this selection really reeks of desperation and puts unnecessary pressure on Burks.

With the Titans original 26th overall pick the Titans traded back with the Jets. In the exchange the Titans gave up their third round pick (101) and the 26th overall pick for the Jets second round pick (35th), their third round pick (69th) and their fifth rounder (163rd). In my initial draft plan I wanted the Titans to trade back and potentially get more picks so I was a fan of this move. I liked that the Titans got back into the second round and essentially swapped third round picks moving us higher on the draft board, and picked up an additional fifth round pick. With the second round pick the Titans selected corner Roger McCeary out of Auburn. I wasn’t a fan of this at the time because there were other needs that were of a higher priority than corner but after thinking about it I guess it doesn’t hurt to have another capable corner although I personally would’ve liked to see another position addressed besides corner this early.

In the third round, with the Titans first third round pick they selected tackle Nicholas Petite-Frere out of Ohio State. It was no secret that the Titans need help at the offensive line position especially with the loss of two starters in Saffold and Quessenberry. With Radunz on the roster it seems that at lease the Titans have options of what they want to do to fill in those holes so I was a fan of this pick.

Now comes probably the most interesting pick in the entire draft for the Titans. The Titans traded up four spots from 90 to 86 to selected Liberty quarterback Malik Willis. In the process the Titans gave up pick 90 and fifth round pick 169. In my initial draft plan I really didn’t want the Titans to draft a quarterback at all but mostly at least not in the first round. After Tannehill’s last performance many wanted to draft a quarterback as insurance and there was buzz around Desmond Ridder with his coach’s relationship to Vrabel so the possibility was definitely there. Personally, I would only draft a quarterback for two reasons only. The first is for that quarterback to be the franchise guy or for that guy to be a backup. I don’t like drafting quarterbacks in the mid rounds because it is already hard enough to find a franchise guy so I would only pick one for one of the two reasons I listed previously. However, this pick of Malik Willis has changed my perspective on this. The physical tools are there for Willis to succeed and so taking a flyer on him in the third round I can get behind. However, I would’ve preferred to draft a quarterback next year when a more promising class came in but if Willis works out then kudos to the Titans for taking a chance on this opportunity.

In the fourth round the Titans finally addressed running back and tight end. Nice to see these two positions addressed because everyone knows we need more than we have right now. In the fifth the Titans double down on receiver adding much needed depth and finally in the sixth the Titans added safety and linebacker depth with Theo Jackson and Chance Campbell.

Overall, I think the Titans had a pretty solid draft. They addressed positions of needs and were able to gain additional picks throughout this draft. They also potentially got a steal in getting Malik Willis in the third round. However, there are parts of this draft I do not love. I am not a fan of the AJ Brown trade and although we draft his potential replacement it doesn’t make me feel any better. As previously mentioned I don’t love the selection of a corner in the second round when we had needs elsewhere that should’ve been addressed first. The addition of another tackle was necessary but shouldn’t be if we had kept Jack Conklin and/or Dennis Kelly or if Isaiah Wilson didn’t flop. Also, I would’ve liked to see the Titans addressed running back and tight end sooner because those are two spots that desperately need more depth at than at the later rounds that they were selected at.

I don’t know how this team will look like at the start of the season. There are many problems and holes on this roster and I don’t know if everything was filled. Amongst other problems such as the cap situation and a now very competitive AFC and it suddenly looks like things are just getting harder for this team and their chances of raising a Lombardi Trophy might have closed. There is nothing to do but hope for the best at this point.