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Titans remaining draft picks

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Last night was certainly a night that we as Titans fans will remember for a long time. There were so many different scenarios that were kicked around for the last few months on what the Tennessee Titans would do in the first round. None of those included trading A.J. Brown and trading out of 26. The NFL draft is never short on drama.

The Titans were successful last night in adding additional picks in this draft. That was something they needed to do, especially not having a second round pick due to the trade last year for Julio Jones. We can debate the value that they picked up vs. the value they gave up, but they were able to add picks. They have nine picks remaining in this draft, and we will have every one of them covered for you here at MCM.

Titans' remaining draft picks:

35th 2nd round

69th 3rd round

90th 3rd round

131st 4th round

143rd 4th round

163rd 5th round

169th 5th round

204th 6th round

219th 6th round